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Name Registration Status Grade Verified Registration Number
Adrian Heili  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA52777
Antony Henderson  Active   ECA HPA38550
Stuart Henderson  Active   ACA HPA28948
Lisa Henderson  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA64876
Gavin Hewson  Active   FPOS-I HPA19687
Ben Heywood  Active   First Aider HPA92532
Sean Hicks  Active   First Responder HPA66642
Mathew Hirons  Active   ACA HPA75356
Adam Hoskins  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA96273
Andrew Hough  Active   ECA HPA71679
Simon Howlett  Active   EMT HPA40378
David Huckin  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA58350
Michael Hughes  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA56586
Hilary Humphrey  Active   First Aider HPA29035
Samuel Imber  Active   Emergency Care Support Worker HPA50812
Colin Ingram  Active   ECA HPA25302
Stevie James  Active   ECA HPA60152
Darren Jensen  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA91856
Adam Jeskins  Active   AAP HPA92836
Harry Johnson  Active   L3 EFR HPA21087
Tony Jones  Active HPA60905
Indra Jones  Active   Medical Doctor HPA94468
Patsy Jones  Active   ECA HPA33031
Oktawia Kaptacz  Active   HCA HPA24692
Arkadiusz Kazmierski  Active HPA81063

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