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Name Registration Status Grade Verified Registration Number
Graham Burgess  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA25659
Darren Burton  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA77329
Ash Capel  Active   CFR - NHS HPA37134
Chris Carnegie  Active   CFR - NHS HPA97415
Barry Carroll  Active   First Responder HPA11223
Jack Castle  Active   Student AAP HPA57656
Nicholas Caswell  Active   Emergency Care Support Worker HPA76499
Ben Clarke  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA29494
Lewis Coleman  Active   ECA HPA36585
Wilhelmus Colet  Active   ECA HPA22646
Julie Collins  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA54436
Andrew Collins  Active   ECA HPA36814
Amber Cooper  Active   AAP HPA44888
James Cooper  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA67108
Mark Coupland  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA51682
Matthew Coutts  Active   ECA HPA79988
Trevor Cowell  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA84566
Steve Coyle  Active   ECA HPA78324
James Crawley  Active   CFR - NHS HPA60239
Alex Croft  Active   Paramedic HPA52827
Ian Crome  Active   ECA HPA18107
Kieran Cross  Active   First Responder HPA11883
Benjamin Crowley  Active   ACA HPA66999
Julianne Crowley  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA21804
James Daly  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA67479

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