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Meet the Governing Panel

Panel members backgrounds include NHS, private & voluntary sector directors, executives, managers; and registered members of the occupations on HPA. They handle serious complaints about the fitness to practice of registrants.


The Panel also leads on policy and procedure regarding governance of HPA's registrants and organisational use of the system. It also helps define the expected standards and acts as a steering group for HPA in general.

Grant de Jongh

Chief Executive

Member of the Executive Team

Grant is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive of HPA. He was a senior member in local government, serving as Vice Chairman of his local council and Deputy Mayor of the town he lives in.

He has several years experience in governance of large-scale private & voluntary sector ambulance services for the NHS. He was project lead on establishing the NHS' first governance framework for private and voluntary sector ambulance services. Setting up an inter-Trust working group to help co-ordinate the resourcing of indendant and voluntary sectory ambulance resources. 

He is CEO of a technology and software firm. He qualified as an IHCD Technician in 2008 and through compelling personal reasons commissioned the development of HPA.

Prof Andy Newton


Member of the Executive Team

Andy is Chairman of the HPA Panel and until recently was Chairman of the College of Paramedics as well as the Chief Clinical Officer for South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust. He has extensive experience in the ambulance service sector.  He was appointed in September 2005 as the first Consultant Paramedic in the country. He has key roles in the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and many other groups and has spent the last five years developing educational programmes for paramedics including the critical care paramedic and paramedic practitioner programmes.

Alan Howson

Vice Chairman

Member of the Executive Team

Alan has worked in the ambulance sector for over 25 years, established and ran the IHCD (and NHS predecessor) ambulance training programmes both in the UK and overseas. A well known and respected figure in the sector Alan managed the successful petition for the registration of Paramedics, working closely with the CPSM (now the HCPC) and key stakeholders in the sector to establish the first register of Paramedics. 

Justin Wand

Chief Financial Officer

Member of the Executive Team

Justin is a deputy director in London Ambulance Service NHS and a qualified paramedic with extensive experience in governance, logistics, fleet operations and technical support in the NHS.  Justin led the transformation of Operational support functions to meet the clinical strategy of South East Coast Ambulance service NHS FT, culminating in multiple awards.

Stephanie Prior

Legal Compliance Lead

Stephanie is a senior partner at Osbornes Law, an award winning solicitors and lawyers firm recognised in the Times Best Law Firm Guide 2019. Stephanie heads up the Medical Negligence and Child Abuse Department  handling a mixture of complex clinical negligence work and is a former Registered General Nurse.

A member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel, the AvMA Referral Panel, has chaired the AvMA Medicine for Lawyers conference.

A member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, has a Diploma in Forensic Medical Science and is the Legal Editor of and contributes quarterly to Medicine Science and the Law.

Stephanie has lectured at Barts, the Forensic Medicine Post Graduate Students, is an appointed examiner for the Diploma in Forensic Medical Science and the MSc in Forensic Science.

A member of British Academy of Forensic Sciences and a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences.

Kenny Gibson

Safeguarding Lead

Kenny is the National Head of Safeguarding at NHS England, overseeing several portfolios including Child Sexual Exploitation, Female Genital Mutilation and Looked After Children.

Prior to becoming the Head of Safeguarding for NHS England, Kenny was the Head of Public Health Commissioning for London. 

Kenny is passionate about connecting with and listening to patients, carers and health practitioners in order to improve services and experiences within the NHS, as well as to empower people about their own well-being. 

You can follow Kenny on Twitter at: @KennyGibsonNHS

Kate Morrissey

Quality Assurance Lead

Kate is a senior manager within NHS England, Health and Justice, leading a National Programme on Mental Health in Secure and Detained settings. 

With significant experience in the commissioning and performance management of high-value Public Health and NHS contracts, Kate was also the regional lead for Patient and Public Voice for 3 years in Secure settings within the South East, championing the views of service users and ensuring that they were involved in the development of services. Kate has worked and volunteered in Emergency Care for the past 8 years, as both a manager within a private ambulance service as well as a working frontline shifts.

Oladapo Lawson

Equality & Diversity Lead

Oladapo is the Systems Resilience Group (SRG) Project manager in Camden and Enfield CCG within the North Central London (NCL)

Oladapo has had several years working within the health sector specifically supporting Acute reconfiguration, transformation, QCIP, providing assurance on elective and non-elective capacity planning and supporting commissioning programmes via community health initiatives that help relieve the pressure on Urgent Care, especially over winter. 

Michelle Beasley

Concerns Processing Lead

Michelle is the ambulance operations manager for St John Ambulance in the South East.  Having previously served for 23 years in the Royal Air Force as a Paramedic, Practice manager and Teacher, Michelle brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to the HPA review panel.

Michelle is currently the ambulance operations manager for St John Ambulance in the South East.  Having previously served for 23 years in the Royal Air Force as a Paramedic, Practice manager and Teacher, Michelle brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to the HPA review panel.

David Davis

Integrated Services Lead

David is a senior manager at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS FT and was a senior manager at NHS England working on Integrated Urgent Care.

His experience includes working as 111 Workforce Development Programme National Clinical Lead + Clinical Informatics Advisor - NHS England, NHS Pathways Clinical Lead / Deputy Lead Governor - SECAmb NHS FT, Director of Communications - College of Paramedics, National Clinical Lead for Allied Health Professionals - Health & Social Care Information Centre, National Clinical Lead for Allied Health Professionals UK - Department of Health, Council Member/Parliamentary Lead - COP.

Dr Indra Jones

Professional Development Lead

Indra is a former university principal lecturer and teaching fellow with substantial experience in nursing and paramedic education as well as multidisciplinary post graduate developments.

She was awarded a university teaching fellowship followed by a national teaching fellowship by the higher education academy for excellence in learning and teaching. 

Building on her main background of Primary Health Care nursing and clinical teaching, she played a key role in the early developments of paramedic and nursing programmes from certificate to graduate levels which involved working with individuals from a variety of abilities and backgrounds.

Her extensive expertise and research is in reflective practice learning methods which has culminated in a number of international publications. 

Mark Crouch

Driving Standards Lead

Mark is the Head of Investigations at FCIR and the former Head of Driving Standards for the London Ambulance Service and formally a Forensic Collision Investigator with the Metropolitan Police.  

He has vast experience in investigating the full spectrum of road traffic incidents and driving matters and is accepted in Criminal, Civil and Coroner’s courts as an Expert Witness in relation to such issues

Dave Halliwell

Qualification Framework Lead

Dave is an experienced paramedic with 30 years of pre-hospital care.

Previous roles include the Head of Education in SWAST - senior Resuscitation officer and more recently advisor to global organisations supporting the Middle East.

His passion is education and resuscitation research and he strongly believes that healthcare development is entwined with quality people development.

Dave is developing strategies for immersive education and has been busy redesigning simulation using the #simbody range of manikins

Toby McClane

Qualsafe Awards Representative

Toby is the Prehospital Care Qualifications Manager and Developer at Qualsafe Awards, having written much of the content in the well known FREC qualifications which are widely accepted both in NHS and private sector. 

In a previous role he taught a wide range of Learners including NHS Health Care Professionals (in hospital and prehospital settings), Police officers (including specialist units e.g firearms and safer roads), Police Medic Instructors, Fire & Rescue personnel and private sector employees.

Tim Mordaunt

Tim is the owner of private ambulance services which supply both frontline emergency cover to the NHS and private event medical cover. Fifteen years ago Tim started working with London Ambulance Service. He had occupied senior positions for several private ambulance organisations before starting a company in Sussex. 

Tim is a registered CQC manager and performs frontline shifts on a regular basis. He is an IHCD qualified Technician and has attended several advanced courses with BASICS, Trusts and the Government College at Easingwold.

Jon Trattles

Conduct & Competence Lead