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The Care Quality Commission | NHS Safeguarding | National Police Chiefs CouncilIndependent Ambulance Association recognises the Health Practice Associates Council register in supporting the safe recruitment of non-paramedic ambulance clinicians

Registering Your Organisation

Thank you for your interest in registering for organisation access to the HPA service platform, please note this level of access is privileged and carries strict rules relating to the responsible use of associated registrants' data which you can read about in our terms and conditions. In line with GDPR you will only be able to view enhanced detail of a registrant's profile if the registrant specifically accepts your organisation's association request.

We also need monies to function, in part from Member subscriptions. We have 4 Bands, based on self-declared industry related turnover.

BandTurnoverAnnual Access Fee
Band Aup to £500k£488
Band B£500k – £2m£828
Band C£2m – £5m£1,465
Band D£5m plus£2,440

Your access fees will be on a rolling 12 month period from the date of your organisation registration. Above amounts are eligible for a 15% discount if paid annually or can be spread out over a 12 month payment plan at the full price.

If you are interested in being a member of the Health Practice Associates organisation portal and working with us to influence and shape the future provision of industry related services then please complete and submit the online application form.

All our organisation members who provide medical services agree to phase all their non-paramedic clinical staff (not registered with a statutory regulator) onto the HPAC register, this provides assurance to the public, service users and other stakeholders that your staff meet the HPAC Council standards.

Once registered the system will give you the ability to link with registrants and allow you detailed access to associated registrants' qualifications, DBS information, outstanding action plans, upheld or live safeguarding concerns and more. It immediately alerts your organisation when a new safeguarding concern is raised by a third party whom they are associated to. This includes NHS Trusts, Independent, Voluntary and law enforcement organisations. By being a member of the platform you will form part of the national safeguarding hub thereby strengthening public safety. Additionally insurance companies will look favourably on membership with the HPA as it reduces both yours and their exposure to liability through Realtime verified safeguarding alerts. Membership is tax-deductible and adds to your portfolio of due diligence evidence.

The portal provides your organisation the ability to record detailed incident, action and activity history per associated registrant on a confidential record only viewable by your HR department. It provides your Team Leaders with an integrated action plan tool and which prompts managers and registrants when due dates pass and tracks completion of action plans for your compliance records. The system will also allow you to upload and cascade your organisations' policies and procedures to associated registrants and track their read rate by individual declarations of having read each document allowing your HR team to track the level of compliance.

This strengthens the industry and provides many benefits which organisations find valuable in businesses continuation and stakeholder engagement.

For more information call 0208 004 8226 or email [email protected]